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Surrey Poetry Festival

Now in its eighth year, the annual Surrey University Poetry festival is curated by this year’s Poet in Residence James Davies. A day-long wonder blast of innovative poetry from the following takes place in Guildford, a stone's throw away from London.

Featuring rare readings by American legends Tina Darragh and P. Inman. 

Programme for Poetry Festival

In the Foyer:
11:00 (until 1.30): Peter Jaeger durational performance 

All below in Comedy Room:
11.10: Introduction to the festival
11.20-12.00: Surrey students & Scott Thurston
12.10-12.50: Rob Holloway & Rebecca Cremin
1.40-2.20: Sharon Kivland/Clémentine Bedos & Tina Darragh
2.30-3.10: Lila Matsumoto & P. Inman
3.30-4.10: Amy Cutler & Philip Terry
4.20-5.00: Emma Cocker & Emma Bennett

From 7:00 in Glass Room:
Tom Jenks performs in the evening soiree – exact time TBA


Meet the Poets:

  • Clémentine Bedos is a multidisciplinary artist whose recent shows include a solo exhibition at the Constance Howard Gallery, London ‘Contagious Hystories’. Currently exploring themes of identity, binaries and the Other
  • Emma Bennett’s recent performances include durational piano pieces, an exploration of pining for soft things and interpreting the words of birdsong
  • Emma Cocker is a writer-artist whose work explores the slippage between writing on page, to performance in time, between still and moving image, between individual and collective action
  • Rebecca Cremin draws on traditions of live art, Fluxus, performance writing and site-specific work using language as an object to expose, to investigate, to locate
  • Amy Cutler is a multi-disciplinary practitioner with a special interest in geohumanities – the engagement between geography and arts/humanities
  • Tina Darragh is one of the original members of the Language group of poets. Her work explores class, race and ecology
  • Rob Holloway is currently exploring sonnets and prose poems, and has been a DJ on Resonance FM
  • P. Inman is associated with language and minimalist poetry. His work has been described as ‘thick with meanings that never quite complete themselves; full of social ironies and a sly and biting humor’
  • Peter Jaeger will perform a durational version of his latest book Midamble, on the lawn at G Live. The book concerns his recently completed walk on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
  • Sharon Kivland is an artist who has recently been called a poet, five times, to her surprise. Her work considers what is put at stake by art, poliics, and psychoanalysis
  • Lila Matsumoto’s poetry explores dailyness through allegory and literalness
  • Tom Jenks is often verbivocovisual and always hilarious
  • Philip Terry uses Oulipian methods and translation to examine the crimes of bureaucracy and management
  • Scott Thurston’s current work responds to ongoing encounters with various dance and movement practices including Five Rhythms, Movement Medicine and Open Floor work
  • Students from The University of Surrey have been exploring a range of poetic strategies during the workshop series Making Things Happen including the use of diaries, minimalism, Oulipo and collaboration.
Dates and times
11:00 am | Sat 02 Jun 2018
G Live
London Road
South East