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Reading and Writing Poetry

This is a course for those who have always wanted to write poetry, but have never actually tried, to do so within an encouraging and supportive environment.

Have you always wanted to write poetry but never tried?  Does the idea frighten you?  Do you feel that there is a poet inside you trying to get out?  Or perhaps you write poetry but have never shown it to anyone? This could be the course for you… 

You will be introduced to a variety of exciting poets, techniques and forms and produce a small portfolio of your own poems. Participants will read poems which illustrate different aspects of poetry so that they can be utilised in your own work. The emphasis will be on promoting a supportive environment in which to write and share your work, with plenty of opportunity for feedback.

You will read and write about poetry and your own work within the class context.

Dates and times
10:30 am | Tue 21 Jan–Tue 24 Mar 2020
Oxford University, Department for Continuing Education
Ewert House
South East