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Reading and Performing your Poetry

As a poet, these days, you are expected to read your work at festivals and events, in pubs, theatres, fields and on hillsides..! This course aims to help build your confidence, help you find your reading style, arm you with some practical techniques and create a space in which to get feedback on your performance skills.

The course will include:

  • voice techniques and breath
  • microphone techniques
  • combating nerves
  • adapting to venues (festivals, tents, pubs, reading for radio)
  • memorizing vs. reading

There will also be a chance to practice reading aloud and get feedback from peers and the course leaders.

Feedback on the one-day course from previous participants:

‘a stimulating and interesting day… it helped that it was a small group’

‘it was great to get to spend a day learning with some very impressive poets and theatrical professionals’

‘I felt I’d improved over the day. Of course that’s mainly an illusion, but I do feel that I now have the tools to improve and that I know what to do to start to get better and more confident.’

‘I thought it was incredibly good value… I felt that I got a lot of stuff packed in to my day’s worth of hours, and at a very reasonable cost.’

‘it was pretty much bang-on’

‘it was a perfect balance of instruction, interaction and practice’

‘I had a brilliant time and learned loads, thank you!’

‘A really helpful day’

‘if it had stopped at lunchtime, I would already have learnt an awful lot’

Dates and times
10:00 am | Sun 19 May 2019
Neals Yard Meeting Rooms
14b Neals Yard