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Old English Language: A Continuation

This ten-week course builds on the 'Introduction to Old English' but applies the language and vocabulary encountered to examples of Old English poetry. Participants shall begin by exploring the characteristics of Old English verse and relate these to the story of the first Old English poem composed by Caedmon and reported by Bede.

They will then read, translate and consider poems and parts of poems on heroic subjects such as The Battle of Maldon, historical poems like 'The Battle of Brunanburh' and 'Widsith', Biblical paraphrases as seen in extracts from Genesis and Exodus, religious poetry specifically 'The Dream of the Rood', elegies as exemplified by The Wanderer and The Seafarer, and the Riddles from the Exeter Book. As with the Introduction, the poetry will be read in its literary and cultural contexts which will be expanded to include the manscuript culture of the time.

Dates and times
7:00 pm | from Mon 20 Jan to Mon 23 Mar 2020
Oxford University, Department for Continuing Education
Ewert House
Banbury Road
South East