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Portrait of Ruth Sutoyé

NPL Special Edition: Before Them, We

Before Them, We (flipped eye, 2022) is a call to action for adult grandchildren, not only to preserve their family histories, but also to pass them on to future generations – much like African traditions have been doing orally for centuries.

Exploring the lives of grandparents and elders before the families they went on to establish, digging deep into those narratives of their lives that are lesser known: who they loved, why and from where they migrated, why they had families, Before Them, We celebrates the significance of African diaspora familial relationships.

Reflecting on a moment of radical change from the way we live to the way we perceive our family relationships, Sutoyé and anthology poets and contributors share their personal stories in conversation with each other, reading from this exciting collection and engaging with the practice of memory.

Dates and times
Wednesday 7th September 2022
National Poetry Library
Level 5, Blue Side, Royal Festival Hall,
Belvedere Road,