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Memory Cloud: Complexities of Blue

In Complexities of Blue you’ll find a way into your own dominant colours of memory; you’ll discover the meanings/responses associated with each band of the spectrum, each element in the psychological palette; The group will explore how particular colours govern individual emotional mindscapes, arriving—at the end of all the exploring—at a focused study of shades of blue in all their complexity, reflecting how variations, subtle, moody or exuberant, can touch on the deeper subterranean-blue regions in the psyche.

Memory Cloud: a new creative concept developed through Anne-Marie Fyfe’s work on her literary/travel/memoir No Far Shore: Charting Unknown Waters (Seren, 2019): in each workshop participants will access assorted pictures/video clips of memory, exploring new ways of sorting those images/fragments, hazy or focused, sharpened or softened into an album/storylines as poem-sequence, autofiction, micro-memoir and lyric essay, weaving in and out of personal pasts & presents.

Featuring excerpts from current writers (esp. from US) in poetry/creative-non-fiction genres, plus tasks and talk, visual, literary, and cultural sources of inspiration that’ll spark creativity, generate finished work, outlines and drafts, amd leave you buzzing with original ideas and unexpected new directions.
Dates and times
12:00 pm to 4:00 pm | Sun 20 Oct 2019
Coffee-House Poetry at the Troubadour
Troubadour Coffee House
263-267 Old Brompton Road