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Introduction to Haiku

This course will enable students to trace the development of haiku and gain a general understanding of Japanese aesthetics as applied in traditional haiku. By the end of the course students should have the foundations to read and write haiku from an informed position.

Writing haiku enables people to become aware of small experiences in their daily lives and to make connections between the seemingly unconnected. It can perform the role of literature and/or documentary. It has a long tradition in Japan and is now written by enthusiasts across the globe. For those wanting to go on to write or who already write in longer forms, haiku is good training for filtering out unnecessary words.

The course will take students in stages into writing and evaluating haiku. The first part of the course will focus on traditional Japanese haiku and the second part will look at the evolution of haiku written in English. 
Dates and times
10:30 am | until Mon 22 Oct 2018
The Mary Ward Centre
42 Queen Square
£60 | £21 concession