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Her Voracious Stare: Inspiration from the Eye and Art of Dora Maar

Get inspired with a day at the Tate Modern before coming together to create new poems a month later at a Poetry School hosted workshop.

Exploring new perspectives and communicating what we see, think and feel is essential to writing poems and bearing unique witness in poetry. Over these two Sundays, participants will discover daring and distorted ways of seeing, uncover the unexpected, and view the familiar at fresh angles to invigorate their writing with the surrealist energy of Dora Maar.

Maar signed her name to numerous left-wing manifestos – a radical gesture for a woman at that time – and her work spans photography, painting, and poetry, so this course will present a broad range of exciting artworks as inspiration. Participants are not expected to have extensive knowledge of Maar’s work, or wider visual art, and this course will present an open-to-all introduction to her work and general ekphrastic writing. Attendees will get the chance to experiment with perception, perspective, and viewpoint in their poems, playing with poem-montages and poem-as-document, poem-as-camera forms.
Dates and times
10:30 am | Sun 9 Feb & Sun 15 Mar 2020
The Poetry School
1 Dock Offices
Surrey Quays Road
SE16 2XU