Poem of the day

'That you cannot see where you tread'

by Paul Peter Piech

24 September

Homage to Donald McGill

by Ian Hamilton Finlay

23 September


by Daithidh MacEochaidh

Rain from the west,

cleaning the wind, while

still mist hems, bank and river.

Cormorant in the slow water,

slender as a shade. In the branches

of blackthorn, thrawn grown in gale,

magpie and crow bicker,

amongst the sloe, promising should

they meet in the thin time of winter

to eat well of one another.


Here the waters bleed

fresh and salt. Where

the land drain empties,

they found the Pritchard boy,

known still by the red shock

of his hair, rusting the water,

bloated with the years left

unlived; a bland face, unwritten,

loved yet by his mother.


In this time of winter and water

brittle with dawn ice

birthed in mist

a promise fattens.


22 September


by Sarah Westcott

Sarah Wescott

Image Credit: 
Matthew Pull
21 September

Library Lovers

by Joe Duggan

Joe Duggan

Image Credit: 
Paul Grace
20 September

The Beautiful Day VI

by A.B. Spellman

came down from the sky &


              on my eye.  this

is what snow

                     does.  there

you go, an object

                            of snow

the day

             melts into water.

19 September

Who do they say I am?

by Nick Makoha

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