Poem of the day

'I saw a peacock'

by Anonymous

19 May

A Long Run

by Erin Bolens

18 May

2. a.m.

by John Barnie

The barn owls hoot across the night

as if there were nothing there, no branch where they perch,

no stream fumbling its way across the valley floor.


Their cries try to measure if there's such a thing as distance

and whether they should launch from wherever they are

on whatever it is that flaps and makes them feel buoyant and

     may one day be called wings.

17 May

Dream of Burying My Grandmother Who Has No Grave

by Sharanya Manivannan

16 May

A made-up / true story

by Sam Winston

15 May

Birds in the Blue Night

by Hannah Lowe


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Southbank Centre Poetry Library.Royal Festival Hall.Library, rare books, visitors
14 May

Ariel’s Other Song

by Karlo Mila