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by Morden Tower

18 April

Though flying is falling

by Carrie Etter

Why am I tempted to leap when the tall rocks point toward me like arrowheads? My body sags in the humid heat, it begs to fly into the river. As I perceive the level of gravity increasing, so my desire to defy it increases. Outstretch my arms. What is the consequence of wings? The rocks, the rocks jut out of the water. I want to fly, though flying is falling. The cool wash of the river. I stand on the bank, raising and lowering my arms.
17 April

'With philosophy'

by Paul Peter Piech

16 April

The Open Road

by Simon Barraclough


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Southbank Centre Poetry Library.Royal Festival Hall.Library, rare books, visitors
15 April

Neon Poem, after Amiri Baraka’s Black Art

by TJ Dema

14 April

De coll age ; Aktions text

by Wolf Vostell

13 April

Portrait of Prometheus as a Basketball Player

by Inua Ellams

Inua Ellams

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Art Valley